Web Browsers and Plugins

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is among the most popular free internet browsers due to its intuitive interface, ability to support add-ons, and low system requirements. Furthermore, it sports a whole array of additional functions and is constantly upgraded by its developers.

Version: 51.0.1 Downloads: 13

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a browser that makes the Web easier, faster, and more responsive to your individual needs. Linked with your Google account, Google Chrome ensures that you can synchronize settings, bookmarks, browsing history and themes across all your devices.

Version: 56.0.2924.76 Downloads: 3

Java Runtime Environment

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is a crucial piece of software for running any mobile or web apps written in Java, a popular programming language.

Version: 8.0 (64-bit / 32-bit) Downloads: 25

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player, is a free software application for delivering rich Web content to the final user. For web developers, it serves as a user interface and a runtime environment.

Version: Downloads: 4


Safari is a celebrated web browser from Apple, also available for Windows. Safari for Windows (version 5.1.7) features an exclusive bookmark manager, tabbed browsing and inbuilt search, as well as an autocomplete tool, an RSS feed, and a pop-up blocker.

Version: 5.1.7 Downloads: 2