Developed by Valve corporation, Steam is the definitive online marketplace for PC gamers that offers some of the best prices for PC games, with exclusive discounts. Steam is also a host to a huge community-based platform enabling its users to play, connect, create content for their favorite games, find the latest demos, trailers, and gamer news. On Steam, you can find both mega hits and numerous games from smaller publishers. It currently has over 125 million active monthly users.

How you can use Steam

Via Steam's free desktop client, you can download PC games that are available on Steam. This tool also permits you purchase licenses, install and activate games. Steam will automatically install any updates of the games that you have already installed. New game releases are delivered to you with trailers.

Via Steam platform, you can also look through the gaming data on your disk and investigate errors. With the backup tool, you can undo the unwanted changes. Fluent communication is possible via a chat feature.

Using Steam's mobile app (available for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile), you can chat with friends, shop the catalog and remotely download games to your PC.

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